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First in Math

FIRST IN MATH is an online educational tool used in the Hurley and across the country.

While the emphasis is on the improvement of numerical fluency and mathematical skills, each activity in First in Math is also designed to strengthen problem-solving, reasoning and communication skills. Modules parallel each other; completing Game 1 of any Skill Set unlocks a multitude of bonus games geared to that skill level.

The program also features a competition/rankings component to provide motivation and sustain high activity levels. As students play, they earn virtual award “stickers” that accrue to their personal and classroom score.

“I am a true believer in the power of First in Math! Not only is it an exciting and interactive way to have students practice and apply their mathematical thinking, it is also a way to promote healthy competition amongst classmates and schoolmates. Since students work at their own pace and concept level, I believe in addition to strengthening each child’s mathematical proficiency, they are also strengthening their individual confidence in math! I have witnessed first hand, the passion that First in Math has sparked in ALL of my students and it is powerful.”
~ E. Beloff, Grade 3 teacher, Hurley Elementary, Boston

It is exciting to see that the Hurley is currently ranked first in their district, fourth in the entire Boston school system and tenth in the state. Congratulations!!