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Middle School News


The middle school scholars have been diligently working away in all of their classes, especially in Humanities! 

The sixth graders are finally moving away from the Early Hominids and entering the Agricultural Revolution! Their debates on whether hierarchical categorization is a positive or detrimental idea are totally inspiring. Their election speeches for Neolithic/Sumerian leadership are so amazing and exciting! Just last week, some Super Scholars created poetry celebrating the Mesopotamian cultures. Wow, this was really funny to watch! Next stop: the sixth grade will be reciprocal teaching five different ancient civilizations. Wish them luck if you see them!

As for the seventh graders, wow, we are now really discovering Africa, both historically and current-day tribal and political affiliations. They are such hungry and strong scholars. Listening to them talk about reconciliation in post-genocide Rwanda, exploring with them some really heavy topics like Apartheid, ethnic conflict, collaboration in Sub-Sharan Africa is pretty awesome! Last week’s beautiful dioramas were gorgeous and displayed such hard work. Next stop: reciprocal teaching various issues currently in Africa!

As for the current eighth graders, we call them Team Grit! Not only are they making their way through the arduous process of high school applications, which for many of them includes tons of essays, visits, interviews (one of our scholars has applied to thirteen schools: district, charter, application, and independent), but they are definitely going through the grieiving process that is eighth grade and the end of a nine year experience for them at the Hurley. As far as their experience in Humanities, we have just finished debating, constructing our thinking in terms of our own political ideologies. I am amazed to see how many libertarians we have, not to mention anarchists, liberals, centrists, and socialists. No one completely bought into the ideal version of communism. Perhaps they are deeply swayed by its misuse in the past century. Now, we are heading into how the public opinion is swayed by and informs the media. I can’t wait to see what they construct.

The middle school scholars are doing great work! They are fantastic young learners and achievers!