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It's Going Down. We're Taking MCAS! 2014 Annual Music Video

Teachers, staff and students post their third annual “MCAS Video” to help get students ready for the big assessment! These annual videos are getting some notice from BPS and got shared via the Boston Public School’s e-Newsletter Tuesday, March 18th 2014.

El grupo esta de vuelta… administrativos, estudiantes y el nucleo comun. Keisha y Pittbull se unen al grupo. Enseña lo que sabes

Ke$ha = Ms. Chabot

Pit Bull = Ms. Beloff

vocals = Ms. Bourbeau and Kevin Collins (Bodega group leader)

lyricist, filming, editing, directing, producing, all things tech and the brains behind the video = Ms. Colon

choreographer = Profe Morales

dog = Pancho Colon