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Academic Excellence

The Hurley School is dedicated to providing each child with an excellent education and the critical thinking skills necessary to excel in high school and beyond. We strive for academic excellence from kindergarten through 8th grade. At each step, our teachers ensure that every child receives tailored instruction and homework to challenge, support and promote confidence. Because we are a small school, each student receives individualized attention.

The Hurley School’s rigorous bilingual education provides each student with daily academic challenges which our students meet successfully. For instance, in 2012-2013 our third grade students achieved the highest MCAS scores in our district. Also, in 2010–2011, 65% of our 3rd graders tested into the Boston Public Schools’ Advanced Work Class (AWC); all but one chose to stay at the Hurley to continue their bilingual education. And since the creation of our middle school in 2009, our students have gone on to succeed at high schools across the city, with an increasing number admitted to Boston exam schools in both 7th and 9th grades. Our excellent middle school teaching staff help our students thrive during this transitional time. Each year, our middle schoolers outperform their peers. In 2009, two Hurley 6th graders achieved the two highest scores in the city on the district-wide History Alive exam.

Innovative Academics 

Hurley teachers draw on both the most innovative components of the BPS curriculum and on specialized programming to provide an exciting academic experience for our students. In the elementary grades, we use:

In addition, teachers develop project-based work that crosses disciplines and enhances learning. To support this teaching, the Hurley invites its many partners into the classroom to share their expertise and experience. Students also venture out of the school on field trips as close as the Villa Victoria Cultural Center to hear Colombian Jazz or as far as Lovells Island to explore tidal pools.

I feel like the teachers at the Hurley School are MUCH more committed to teaching and learning from their own students. All of my friends at other schools get homework and tested on just what they read or studied. At the Hurley, the teachers love teaching using different styles which makes the students more interested and committed to learning.

Stephanie, 7th grade

At the Hurley, we believe that science is an important key to the future, requiring teaching methods that thoroughly engage our students. Every grade at the Hurley has its own unique science program. In K–2nd, the classroom teacher brings a hands-on approach to earth science, using the Hurley’s garden as well as trips to the New England Aquarium as illustration. In 3rd– 5th grades, students work with a science specialist and benefit from STEM classes (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) such as robotics and woodworking to enhance the traditional science curriculum. In middle school, the dedicated science specialist uses the resources of our partners at Northeastern and MIT to bring science alive, with opportunities to see first-hand research on the human brain and to dissect sheep hearts. Fieldtrips to the Museum of Science, the New England Aquarium, local geological formations, and other science-related institutions are a key part of science education at the Hurley.

Creativity Throughout the Day

The Hurley incorporates creativity into all aspects of teaching. For instance, our drama classes increase Spanish fluency. Likewise, our math classes incorporate music to illustrate patterns, and students in science class study sculpture to understand engineering principles. During the school day, students also have formal instruction in music, the performing arts, visual arts, and woodworking.  

All of the innovative learning at the Hurley is extended each day through our Bodega de Arte afterschool program, where our students work closely with our many performance and visual arts partners.