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Consejo Escolar Interno / School Site Council

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The School Site Council (SSC) is the governing/advisory body at the school. The School Site Council is comprised of equal numbers of parents and staff. Parents on the School Site Council are accountable to the School Parent Council and are elected by the School Parent Council of the school. The SSC develops and approves school policy, including, but not limited to:

  • Developing and reviewing the Whole School Improvement Plan (WSIP)
  • Developing and approving the school’s annual budget
  • Creating and overseeing sub-committees such as:
    • The Instructional Leadership Team (ILT)
    • Personnel sub-committee for hiring new teachers
    • Engagement Action Team for developing a family & student engagement plan
  • Reporting back to SPC and the larger parent body on regular basis

Meeting Minutes

  • We will post minutes after the first meeting of the year!