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Neighborhood Parents for the Hurley School

The Neighborhood Parents for the Hurley School (NPHS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that acts as the development arm of the Hurley School. Our mission is to facilitate the vision and mission of the school by raising money to bridge funding gaps.

NPHS was started by a group of neighborhood parents who valued public education and were committed to raising their families in the city. We are current parents, community members and volunteers who believe in bilingual education and see the need for supplemental funding to enhance the academic experience of all students.

Since 2003, NPHS has worked closely with the school to supplement its academic and artistic programming and to renovate its facilities. With the goal of making the Hurley the best K–8 school in the city and a model for an integrated urban education, NPHS organizes annual fundraisers, writes grants, builds corporate and university partnerships, and solicits private donations. We work closely with the parent group Padres en Acción and Principal Soto to achieve our goal.

Recent programming and improvements funded by NPHS:

  • Open Circle—social and emotional learning programs for grades K–5;
  • Play Works—conflict resolution, safety, teamwork and inclusiveness learning on the playground;
  • Bodega de Arte Programming—afterschool support in academics, arts, mentoring and sports;
  • Facilities—built-in lunch tables and seating for the gym café;
  • Spanish Arts programming—Spanish language instruction through visual and theater arts;
  • Arts programming—vocal and instrumental music instruction and performance; and
  • Classroom Support—tutoring, test prep, classroom materials and experiential overnight fieldtrips.

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Board of Directors | FY ‘13 (through June 30, 2013):
President Jeff Klug | Vice President Megan Hastings | Treasurer Jen Levine-Fried | Secretary Jenny Audia | Beth Schmieta, ex officio | Jennifer Ashburn | Cynthia Elmekias | Caroline Foscato | Jackie Jaeger | Carolyn Loucas | Alice O’Neill | Cilla Rait | Claudia Rinaldi