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The Hurley School

Dos Idiomas, diversas culturas · español · Two languages, many cultures

Hurley Values

Hurley School Core Values

live ’em!



Be respectful, thoughtful, helpful and trustworthy. Be involved in your learning. Inspire others to do the same.



Take risks. Use your imagination. Try something new. Do what you set your mind to. Dream big!



Acknowledge your larger school community and contribute positively to it. What you say matters.



Take pride in your work. Be true to yourself. Be responsible for your own progress. Set high standards.



Finish your assignments. Be neat and organized. Stay focused. Always do your best.

The Hurley School strives to create a nurturing, respectful and engaged learning community. To achieve this, we focus on five core values and reinforce these principles through programs such as Open Circle and the Hurley High Fliers monthly award program.

updated: 3 years ago

Our Core Values

The Hurley academic experience is based on five core values (listed below) which students remember with the acronym LIVOM (Live’em!). Each morning, a Hurley student recites the values over the school intercom in both Spanish and English. We expect every member of the Hurley community to understand, explain and embrace these values.

updated: 3 years ago

Building Respect Through Open Circle

In grades K–5, we work to reinforce our core values by using Open Circle, an anti-bullying curriculum developed at Wellesley College. The Open Circle curriculum is designed specifically to support a respectful learning community and create ethical people, contributing citizens, and successful learners. Twice a week, teachers trained in the curriculum lead interactive workshops around topics such as respectful peer and adult relationships, and the power of positive classroom behavior.

updated: 3 years ago

Promoting Excellence Through Hurley High Flyer Awards

To recognize those students who exemplify the Hurley values, the Hurley School awards a monthly Hurley High Flyer Award in each grade. Nominated by classmates and/or teachers, Hurley High Fliers are those students that exhibit exemplary kindness, helpfulness, and an eagerness to learn. In addition to the accolades, Hurley High Fliers are treated to a pizza lunch with Principal Soto in her office. The Hurley High Flyer Lifetime Award, a new tradition at the Hurley School, is granted at graduation to that student which best exemplifies the Hurley values throughout his/her entire school career.

updated: 3 years ago