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Enrichment Programming

A Commitment to Enrichment

As a complement to our strong academic focus, we are committed to enrichment and arts programs that is unique among public schools. At the Hurley, we believe that the arts are a critical part of a balanced education. Students at the Hurley participate in music, visual arts and drama classes, all designed to foster creativity, heighten cultural awareness, and provide further opportunities to practice second language skills. Our students also benefit from a host of enriching science, technology and engineering programs that inspire inventive critical thinking. Finally, we believe that children learn better when they are healthy and have a structured outlet for physical energy. Every grade participates in gym classes at the Hurley, and all our kids stay physically active during lunchtime and special creative play sessions every two weeks led by Playworks.

During the Day…

Students participate in weekly classes such as:

  • Performing Arts in Spanish;
  • Music from Urban Voices or the Community Music Center of Boston;
  • Woodworking sessions from the Eliot School of Fine Arts in Jamaica Plain;
  • Inventive outdoor game sessions lead by Playworks; and
  • Design and engineering science programs supported by Northeastern University.

We have full-time specialists in

  • Performing Arts;
  • Science, Technology, and Engineering;
  • Library Science; and
  • Physical Education.

After School…

Bodega de Arte offers clubs with a focus on the arts. Every student at the Hurley can participate in these clubs, which are taught by parent volunteers, artists in the community, and organizations such as the Children’s Art Centre, the Museum of Fine Arts, and Emerson College’s Coyote Theater Company.

Field Trips and Performances

The Hurley School takes full advantage of Boston’s rich resources in the arts.  Our students take many field trips to visit the city’s museums and performing arts venues. These include programs like the Boston Ballet School’s CityDance, where students who might have never been exposed to ballet to participate in dance classes. At the Museum of Fine Arts several of our classes participate in bilingual classes in the galleries of this world class museum.  The Hurley hosts local performances, including presentations offered by Young Audiences, a non-profit organization that brings professional theater performances directly to the school, and the New England Conservatory opera program, which stages an opera production for our students every year.  Hispanic arts play a critical role in our programming, of course. Students learn from renowned Hispanic artists at the Jorge Hernandez Cultural Center – located just around the corner from the school –  and from Hispanic writers-in-residence every year who are sponsored by the University of Massachusetts.