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Meet the Principal

Principal Marjorie Soto began her tenure at the Hurley in 2005 after successfully serving as Principal at the Providence Academy of International Studies, in Providence, RI. Principal Soto is passionate about bilingual education and has focussed her energies on strengthening the Hurley’s dual-immersion approach. Under her leadership, the Hurley has become one of the city’s most sought-after schools.

A native Spanish-speaker, Principal Soto has firsthand knowledge of the importance of bilingualism. Raised in Puerto Rico, she moved to Philadelphia in the 6th grade, where she was forced to learn English. Her own struggles and successes in mastering a second language inform everything that she does at the Hurley.

Talk with Soto for a few minutes and it is clear the words [used] to describe her — passionate, tenacious, visionary — are all true. Add to that caring, kind, and full of humor, and you have a leader that teachers look up to, parents drool over, and kids love.— South End News

In 2011, Principal Soto received two accolades. She was named one of Boston’s 100 Most Powerful Latinos by El Planeta and presented an Unsung Heroes Award by Bay Windows. Parents and community members recognize her as the driving force behind the Hurley’s success. Long-time Hurley parent and co-president of the parent group Padres en Acción, Electa Sevier has personally witnessed the school’s transformation under Principal Soto. “Through my work at the Hurley, I have come to realize that a school’s success really depends on having a great principal. She is the key to making all the other components work. Once we got Ms. Soto at the Hurley, everything got better. She welcomes parent involvement, has hired incredible teachers, and cares so much about all of our kids.”

Ms. Soto views education as a partnership between the school, the child and the parents, and is firmly committed to ensuring that every child succeeds at the Hurley. “Working closely with our impressive Hurley parents, my staff and I have built what we believe to be one of the best Boston public schools. Beyond giving your child the gift of a second language, we want to be sure each child develops a love for learning and the ability to think critically.”